Eye on the Market_May 2017

Our market has no shortage of qualified buyers and properly priced, listings in most area are selling quickly. In some neighborhoods, homes are selling, on average, in less than 30 days.

Our strong regional economy includes global companies that are attracting workers to our region. These companies impact our local market simply by where they are choosing to locate their offices.
Expedia will move its headquarters to Seattle in 2019. Amazon has announced plans to open offices in Bellevue, in addition to its main campus in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. REI has chosen to move its main office from Kent to Bellevue by 2020, and Weyerhaeuser has relocated from Federal Way to downtown Seattle.
Buyers searching for affordable homes with reasonable commute times are finding they need to expand their search to include areas to the north and south of King County. With commute times lengthening, listings close to transportation options are shooting to the top of prospective buyers’ must-see lists.
Our region continues to experience price growth resulting from an expanding local economy and population. The most recent Northwest MLS statistics show price increases for single-family homes of 10% in Pierce Country, 15.74% in King County and 17.33% in Snohomish County.
Local economists predict the strong rate of job growth in our state will continue for the remainder of this year, but it is expected to ebb in 2018. The eventual slowing in job growth and anticipated mortgage rate increases towards the end of the year may relieve some of the pressure we’re currently experiencing.
Meanwhile warm weather moves in, and our pleasant Pacific Northwest summers take center stage, attracting even more new residents to our region.
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How will the 2016 Election Impact the Housing Market?

"Absolutely will!" " Depending upon who occupies the Whitel house in 2017. Historically speaking home prices continue to go up through an election year and indeed the year thereafter. However the rate of growth certainly slows. We can see a very robust price growth in 2016, however 2017 will be another matter entirely." 

"Wall Street is very powerful, but they don't like uncertainty"

                                                             -from Matthew Gardner, Windermere RE Chief Economist

Here Are All The Dates You Need To Know For Election 2016

July 18-21 — Republican National Convention in Cleveland

July 25-28 — Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia

Sept. 26 — Presidential debate at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio

Oct. 4 — Vice presidential debate at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia

Oct. 9 — Presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis

Oct. 19 — Presidential debate at University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Nov. 8 — Election Day

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Fast and Easy But is it Accurate?

websites answer your question?[/caption]~~Fast and Easy But is it Accurate? – 3/2/2015

There are sites all over the web that offer to tell you what your home is worth.  Simply plug in your address and email and you’ll get a value.  It’s fast; it’s easy but is it accurate?

The value is determined by what is called an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) that analyzes public record data with computer decision logic.  Square footage, age, number of bedrooms and location are easily definable objective data.  The challenge is identifying, measuring and comparing the subjective data.

An AVM cannot identify how unique features might add or detract from the value, if the market is declining or why the comparable sales apply or don’t apply to the subject property.  Is a home worth more because it is near shopping or less because it is across the street from a high-traffic commercially zoned property?

Experienced professionals are more likely to make proper adjustments for condition, market appeal and positive and negative influences.

Imagine that you’re going out for dinner and you consult HamburgerAVM.com to tell you how much a hamburger is worth.  It might be accurate based on condiments, vegetables and weight but can it address things like taste, quality, cleanliness, service, convenience or atmosphere.  You certainly couldn’t present the printout to the waiter to negotiate a lower price.

An AVM can be a tool that a homeowner, prospective buyer, mortgage officer, appraiser or real estate agent can use to get a quick idea of price but there are inherent limitations that can only be considered by personal examination balanced with experience in the market place.

Experience and understanding of the subject property and the marketplace are critical to having confidence that a value is accurate.  Any person could go through the same steps to arrive at a value but an experienced, well-trained professional is far more likely to assess all of the variables more accurately.


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NWMLS Report_Feb2015

2月5日, NWMLS推出一月份房地产报告,数据显示目前的可卖房源库存量降到了22年内的新低。 同比去年同期的库存量降低了11%。 在King County, 目前只有两个月的库存。一般来讲,四个月至六个月的库存标志着房地产市场的健康供需平衡。

相比偏低的市场库存,成交的房屋数量却比去年同比增长了3.7%。 一个房屋收到多个买家报价的情况非常普遍。房屋成交的均价 (Meidan Price)相比去年同期增长了9.4%, King County 上个月的房屋成交均价(Median Price) 比去年同期增长了6.9%, 达到 $390,000.

目前的市场对于卖家来讲非常有利,因为我们已经看到非常多的买家开始行动。如果你想要卖房子,目前是卖家的机会。 如果你想要买房子, 你需要一个有经验的专业的买方经纪代理的协助。




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