BuyingReal Estate February 13, 2018

5 things buyers should never compromise on

When buying a home, there are some things you should never compromise on-or you’ll likely regret your home purchase, according to

  1. The floor plan. It is difficult and expensive to reconfigure a home’s floor plan. If a home doesn’t have the minimum number of rooms or the flow of the main living areas you want, you should cross it off your list.
  2. The school district. You should carefully consider your neighborhood school district, and even get a map of its exact boundaries to make sure your home is within the correct district.
  3. The neighbors. You should pay attention to the condition of neighboring homes. Not only do you have to live with your neighbors on a daily basis, but they can affect your home’s future resale value too.
  4. The budget. Consider all the expenses-monthly mortgage payments, homeowner association dues, utility costs and real estate taxes-beyond the list price to make sure you’ll be financially comfortable.
  5. The commute. Test-drive the route between your home and office to be certain you’re willing to make the commute every day.