ArchiveCommunity May 13, 2016

Seattle will host 2018 Special Olympics USA Games

On Thursday May 12th, Seattle officials announced to host the next Special Olympics USA games in July 2018, which will mark the games' 50th year since its first International Special Olympics in 1968 in Chicago.

It is anticipated to have 3500 athletes from 50 states to come over to Seattle from July 1-6, 2018. University of Washington will be the venue to host the 16 individual and team sports such as powerlifting, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball etc.

Not only thousands of athletes, but also thousands of volunteers and spectators will gather in Seattle in July, the best month of summer. We can imagine beautiful Seattle showcased once more on a national stage.

As a certified residential specialist and a realtor in King County, Washington, it is my instinct to evaluate the impact the Special Olympics will have on the already heated local real estate demand in Seattle. With so many positive news regarding Seattle’s hosting of big national and international events, I have strong confidence that the local economics and real estate market will grow and be more prosperous than our conservative predication completed in early 2016.

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